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Renovation architects: What do we really do?

Don’t feel like you’re the only one wondering, “What exactly is a renovation architect?”

It’s not a service used as regularly as your traditional architect or a builder, but it certainly...

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Can we live at home while it is rebuilt?

Staying at home will save a lot of money on rent, the hassles of moving, or of putting up with your in-laws. It is a great way to appreciate daily construction progress and to get to know the tradesmen who are creating your new place. However…

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Building and Renovating for Energy Efficiency

There is a lot of talk about how to be environmentally sustainable in construction. There are technological fixes and devices.  However more energy is used living in the building, than was ever used to create it. It turns out that choosing solar hot water, low energy light fittings, and running air conditioning from PV cells reduces the need for extra power stations.

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