Feeling the chill this winter? Renovate your home for the seasons

South East Queensland is renowned for its hot summers and sunny days spent at the beach. However, any local will tell you that a Brisbane winter can pack a punch. How can architecture help through all seasons?

Beautiful old properties like Queenslanders are dotted throughout Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs. While conventional in structure, many older Brisbane properties were never traditionally built with insulation as a priority in the design process. This means the sweltering summers and cool winters can actually feel more severe in your home than outside.

Does your home fit into this category? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s how an architect can help you with life-changing winter and summer renovation solutions. 


Renovate your Home for the Seasons

One of the first steps in renovating your home for the seasons is to consider your surroundings. Location plays an important role in finding the best aspect for your home. PlaceMate Architects generally recommend that properties in Brisbane and the surrounding area face north-east. This allows for access to lovely morning sun in the early hours during winter, and a cool breeze in the heat of the summer months. Repositioning the layout of your house may be the simplest solution for your chilly winter problem.  

While the aspect of your property is important, the internal structure of your home will impact how you cope with South East Queensland’s seasons. PlaceMate Architects consider every aspect relevant to your situation. We are experts at considering the smallest of details to help make your home lifestyle comfortable and easy.

An architecture principal we regularly apply in renovating for the seasons is considering where to situate doors and windows throughout your home. The placement of such details will impact your access to natural sunlight and airflow. We also recommend open plan living styles for family living, as this allows the kitchen and/or living area to be the central hub of your home. An open-plan house can help you cope during the winter months as it offers space for your family to gather inside without feeling cramped. It also allows for more airflow in the summer, helping you stay cool in the heat.

While older properties like Queenslanders are beautiful in their structure, insulation was not a priority in how they were originally designed. Good insulation is a crucial component in keeping the extremities of Brisbane’s seasons out of your house. An architect can provide you with numerous options and help you find the right form of insulation for your home. Good insulation is a worthy investment to keep you comfortable at home and your electricity bills low.

With all the structural issues resolved, the internal detailing of your home can also impact your lifestyle during winter. Choose seasonal friendly materials that can help keep you comfortable. For example, carpet may be too hot in summer, and tiles too cold in winter. An architect can help you decide on a solution like a well-insulated timber floor to suit both seasonal extremities. It is worth making sure every detail of your home has been considered to ensure the longevity of your renovation. 

While you may be feeling winter’s chill now, it doesn’t have to be that way in the future! Having an architect renovate your home for the seasons could be your solution to icy winters and sweltering summers. Our goal here at PlaceMate Architects is to provide you with a quality home renovation that will keep you happy for years to come!