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PlaceMate’s Guide To The Brisbane Home Show 2023

Book A Time To Meet With Our Team   Brisbane Home Show – Stand M04 – 24 to 26 February, 2023 The Brisbane Home Show is right around the corner and we are gearing up for the busy and exciting three-day event at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. We have been to a few… Read more »

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Principal Architect Jan Hogarth at Brisbane Home Show
The Jewel Of The Site

Identifying the jewel of the site The jewel of the site is the thing you value most about your property. Your site is the land upon which your home is constructed. What is most precious about your particular site? Some might see the jewel of the site as its convenient location, but generally, ‘the jewel’… Read more »

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Borrowed Scenery: Incorporating nearby views into your garden's outlook.
A Gentle Transition From Street To Home

In the timeless series, A Pattern Language, Christopher Alexander defines what creating a gentle transition from street to home means. He explains how the experience of entering a building influences the way we feel once inside it. In architectural terms, he describes how the gentler the transition between the home and the street, the more… Read more »

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Brisbane Art Deco Building Entrance . (Photos supplied by Showhomes Design).
Brisbane Renovations Architect Market Update 2023

A Christmas Wish – Brisbane renovations architect From PlaceMate Brisbane Renovations Architect, Jan Hogarth: Twas the night before Christmas, as all through house, groaned a rumble of snoring that the walls couldn’t douse. The children stood huddled in the nook by the tree; A good foot they’d grown since their unuttered plea. “Dear Santa, this Christmas… Read more »

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