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Expert Advice for Adding Value to your Queenslander Renovation from Place Auctioneer Andrew Degn

Renovating to sell your Queenslander needs careful consideration! In our latest video, I catch up with real estate veteran and auctioneer Andrew Degn from Place Paddington to find out what todays buyers are looking for! Don’t miss this one!

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The Secret to designing Outdoor spaces with guest Johanna MacMinn

Hi, I’m Jan Hogarth from PlaceMate Architects. And today I’m talking with Johanna MacMinn, who’s a landscape architect who we collaborate with. Hello, Johanna. Hello, Jan, thanks for having me. I am a landscape architect and I focus on residential garden design. Today, we’re just gonna give you the absolute basics. If you are starting… Read more »

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Transforming A Rented Queenslander Into A Dream Home

Transforming a Rented Queenslander into a Dream Home Are you thinking of renovating a Queenslander? Here’s a case study about transforming a rented Queenslander into a dream home. . It’s an extension that we’ve done before but it’s not done the way that Queenslander extensions are usually done.  Here we have a house in Herston…. Read more »

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Queenslander Renovation Architects Guide

The Queenslander Renovation Architects Guide asks if you really need an architect for a Queenslander extension. The reason that you might need an architect is because it’s complicated. If you consider renovating your house, you might need an architect and someone to draw up plans.    When do you need an Architect for a Queenslander Renovation?… Read more »

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