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PlaceMate works to suit your purpose not ours. We can help with any – or all – stages of your new home project. It costs nothing to take the first step to meet us. After that, you decide how much – or how little – you’d like PlaceMate to take care of. Not everything needs to be done in one go. It’s entirely up to you how many steps you’d like to take and at what level of detail. Here’s an outline of PlaceMate’s steps and their cost estimates.
Kenmore – 1960s garden cottage

To turn a two-bedroom cottage into a four-bedroom family home, including cook’s kitchen at the heart, a garden and two car parks, to be built in stages.

This small, boxy post-war cottage, surrounded by a lovely garden with large Poinciana tree, featured a large, badly built deck that couldn’t be reached from inside the house.

A neat extension incorporating a deck, kitchen and two bedrooms. Opening the view to the trees adds the illusion of space to what is a compact floor area. Careful placement of stairs permits the option of building a family room in future years.

  • Kenmore – 1960s garden cottage

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Graceville – Garden connection

A long-term quality renovation incorporating a secluded living room deck to enjoy her garden with friends and family, and to be able come home and enter the house under cover.

More than one extension to this post-war family home had left living areas visually separated from its beautiful semi-tropical garden. Outside, a daggy fibro carport and concrete paving dominated.

Extend the line of the roof as a gable. Replace windows with bi-fold doors on to the deck. Screen out neighbours with a BBQ pop out. Demolish half the carport roof and install a smaller, side verandah with a linked roof. Turn the concrete pad into a southern garden.

  • Graceville – Garden connection

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Wooloowin – Small lot with space

More space to live and work and a soundproof room to watch ice hockey for their family including two boisterous boys.

This cute three-bedroom workers cottage on a small block fronting a noisy suburban street was bursting at the seams. Entry was via the back door, past a tiny bathroom. It had no covered outdoor area, no parking, no storage and the kitchen was dark. In a designated character area, it couldn’t be demolished and land was tight.

Raise the house, demolishing the bathroom lean-to, and build in ground-level living areas under the existing footprint, including a large alfresco area. Bring the outside in with large doors and a servery. Open part of the noisy front verandah as the front entry and stairs. Block street noise with a garage that encloses a rear courtyard. Locate utility areas and garden storage on the southern side yard. Carpet, sound-insulate and wire a media room for full sound. Incorporate a laundry chute and walk-in shower into the upstairs kids’ bathroom. Grant the parents some peace with an ensuite and walk-in robe.

  • Wooloowin – Small lot with space

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