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You only get one chance to renovate the family home. So there’s no economy in a quick builder’s-fix when the outcome is poor design and a loss of value in your home and your quality of life.

You may think what you want is obvious – let’s say, a kitchen refit, a bathroom update, a beautiful Brisbane deck; and the next step is simply talking to builders…

But what if every builder comes up with a different solution?

At PlaceMate Architects, we’d say that clearly signals your home renovation isn’t as obvious as you thought, and its time to discuss your needs with an experienced renovation architect instead.

Renovation Architect Brisbane


Renovation Architect Brisbane


Family needs and priorities change. Don’t lock in a home renovation today that will limit future options – or worse, require demolition – because it wasn’t well planned from the start.

Good design is not DIY. Planning a successful renovation is a must. A renovation architect is a design specialist, not a builder. And renovation architecture does not start with a builder.


Architectural Renovation Design Delivers Functionality


Great design comes from the years of experience. Architectural design is considered. It is carefully planned. Its functionality is seamless. You’ll know it when you see it. Because you will feel it.

At PlaceMate Architects, our Brisbane renovation architects do more than just draw up plans. We help you make good design decisions that ensure your home renovation is built to deliver the functions your family needs to grow.

At PlaceMate, we start by listening. Our architects find out what you love about your home and what drives you crazy! We ask questions.Where do you spend most of your time? How do you leave and enter your home? Where does the family gets together, and how do you separate when you want to be apart? We find out what is lacking in your current design. Then we respond with a solution.

PlaceMate’s renovation architects create Brisbane homes that matches people with the way they like to live. Our design solutions meet your immediate needs and longer term goals.

We open up the spaces you want more of, and remove those you keep bumping up against.

While ‘an architect near me’ may not be on your wish list; a new kitchen or new addition to your Brisbane house is – talk to PlaceMate. Let’s start a conversation that leads toward a home renovation that is uniquely designed to fit – you, your lifestyle, and the people you love to share it with.

As your renovation architect – Brisbane has been PlaceMate’s home for over 25 years too. Queenslander architecture is our forté. Our experience designing south-east Queensland houses has brought us many clients and design accolades and awards. Brisbane’s inner suburbs are dotted with examples of Placemate Architects renovations, extensions, and new building designs.

With over 1,000 projects and 25 years designing for SEQ home owners, we know your backyard better than you do!

So, tell us what you want and we’ll tell you how PlaceMate, Brisbane renovation architects, can help.

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