PlaceMate for builders

Our experience is that the best collaborative projects inspire everyone: owners, their friends and family, designers and builders, craftsmen and suppliers, and the market. Good projects are better than any single person could ever have imagined.

The sound bones and fine details of a well-built home last beyond a lifetime – we see that quality again and again in some of the old homes we’ve been privileged to update. A well-managed project is an exciting, challenging and inspirational process that puts a spring in our step. Why else would we do it?

About a third of PlaceMate projects come to us via direct referrals from builders. One builder has been referring PlaceMate to his clients for over 20 years. Some of his apprentices now run their own teams and continue to refer clients in our direction. To date we’ve designed own homes for seven builders. We think that says something about the level of mutual trust between us.

So, talk to us. We are always looking to grow our client base and to develop relationships with new builders.

Let’s make plans


Quality product

PlaceMate designs don’t waste space. The houses look bigger than they really are. Every square metre of construction earns its keep. In renovations, the new work sits well with the old. At the end of the job, you can be proud.


PlaceMate asks what the best system to build on the site will be BEFORE starting the design. We solve the puzzle, so it looks simple. We avoid box gutters, waterproof retaining walls and complex detailing where possible. We like to ensure the owners’ money is spent where it can be seen.


PlaceMate listens to the builder to head off construction / budget problems early. We produce documents when we say we will. If a discrepancy, omission, or client change arises on site, we sort it out promptly. We call back ASAP and don’t hold up the build.

Easy to deal with

PlaceMate sorts out the best option to suit the budget, so a builder isn’t second guessing. We take advice from the experts.

Busy owners

PlaceMate takes care of all the design aspects – from town planning to tile selection. Owners have a good idea what they’re getting. Things are sorted, before tender, which ensures the guesswork is taken out of pricing and reduces the chance of delays on site.


The BA and DA plans are clear and accurate. They match the engineering and survey. Schedules are short but comprehensive enough for pricing. Fit-out drawings are easy for all trades to understand.

What our clients say
  • For an architect, Jan’s not an idiot.

    Dave Maguire Builder
  • Jan Hogarth has the wonderful ability to listen and focus on the clients brief enabling her to present a creative design, making certain to have incorporated the clients requirements.

    Good communication is at the essence of completing great projects. We feel that Jan’s communication with all parties involved in a projects is exceptional, :- sub contractors, engineers, the principle contractor and clients.

    Jan always presents herself professionally and deals with any situation calmly and promptly. My company has always enjoyed working on a great number of projects in which we have been jointly involved, several of which have been Award Winning Designs.

    Tom Ryan Building Contractor
  • I have been working with Jan on small and large projects for over 15 years. These ranged from small extensions to very complex projects, one which was awarded the Master Builders best renovation over 250 k and the quality and workmanship award. Working with Jan has always been a pleasure, and despite whatever difficulties a large renovation throws your way, Jan always displays the ability to work though it, providing the best result and a pleasurable working relationship. Jan’s designs are practical, efficient and work for the needs of the client. I can speak for this as Jan designed my home in Camp Hill.

    Stewart Harris Builder
  • Jan has a great eye for detail. Her plans are very comprehensive and she thoughtfully considers every aspect of how her clients will live within the space she designs for them. She specialises in period homes and homes with character.


    Manley Homes Manley Homes