• Site plan
  • Dimensioned floor plans at 1:100
  • Elevations (side views)
  • Sections (cut through)
  • Door & window schedule
  • Building application forms.

At Step 4, PlaceMate will also:

Recommend a structural engineer – who will charge their own fee – to prepare:

  • Soil testing
  • Beam sizes
  • Slab design
  • Retaining walls
  • A structural certificate.
  • Recommend an energy consultant – who will charge their own fee – to provide the mandatory energy efficiency report.
  • Recommend and liaise with a building certifier – who will charge their own fee – to approve the building application.
  • Co-ordinate the compulsory fees and charges (QBBC Home Warranty Insurance) that are required by legislation for all construction works over $80,000 in Queensland.
  • Co-ordinate a comparison quote between a maximum of two builders. Although open tenders are standard commercial practice, PlaceMate’s preference is to work with reliable, tried and tested builders and craftsman that we know and trust. We believe in working with those who charge a fair price without compromising on quality.

PlaceMate will also act as your liaison throughout the building application process and keep you up to date with developments.

Fee will be quoted within Step 4

PlaceMate will also liaise between you and the builder in the lead up to signing the building contract. We will take care of compiling all the necessary documents and approvals required for construction to begin.

Depending on your preference or the scope of your project, Step 7 may include delivery of the following documents:

  • Kitchen design 1:20
  • Joinery design
  • Wet area layouts 1:50
  • Stair details
  • Unusual construction
  • Lighting & power layouts
  • Tile layouts
  • Schedule of finishes (a room-by-room list of materials)
  • Landscape design

Step 4 may also include:

  • Assistance with material selections, including introductions to suppliers to ensure you get the finish or the look that you want.
  • Co-ordinating with other consultants, as required, for example:
  • Pool builders
  • Landscape designers
  • Interior decorators.