(Fee: $660)


We write a letter of your brief outlining what steps will be involved between your idea and you moving in. You’ll notice that our Concept Design fees are fixed amounts, and later stages are a percentage. We recommend the consultants you will hire with an indication of their fees, and timing for the design process.

A part of document preparation is contacting a town planner and certifier for a preliminary verbal opinion about any applicable regulations. Such as; ‘do you need a Development Approval (town planning) as part of the process?’ or ‘will your building application trigger specialist approval from other agencies like a build-over sewer application?’

By asking these questions up-front, we pre-empt issues, so you are aware of other costs, time challenges and considerations.


Check we have clearly understood your brief.

Review the Full Project Outline and ensure you have identified the “Must-Have’s” and the “Optional Extras”.

If you have drawings of the existing house or images of what you are looking for, please send them to us.

If PlaceMate has missed something, contact us to discuss.

If you decide to proceed and move forward, sign the agreement and return it to us.


You may have a few questions which we are happy to answer. Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

There’s a building cost in the letter. How accurate is it?

The cost of the building becomes more accurate as the design resolves.

For the purposes of the letter, we make an educated guess on your build cost, based on similar recent projects.

Before you can have a budget from a builder or estimator, you need a resolved concept. Before you can have an accurate contractual quote from builders, you will need working drawings.

I’m not comfortable with percentage fees. Why can’t you give us a lump sum?

You probably have several options – nobody knows for sure what your build cost will ultimately be, or how complex the documents will be (because you and your project is unique). Before we proceed with any of the percentage-based services, the scope of work will be defined, and a lump sum figure provided.