(Fee: $660)

If, after Step 1, you decide to proceed with Step 2, PlaceMate will deliver these documents:

  • A written brief describing your existing site or home, a wish list of what you’d like to achieve and how PlaceMate can deliver it.
  • A full list of town planning and building approvals necessary to get your project off the ground, an estimate of how long it will take to get them and how much it will cost.
  • A full list of professional consultants you will need to engage to see your project through to completion (eg. structural engineers, surveyors or landscape architects) and an estimate of what it will cost to hire them.
  • A breakdown of your PlaceMate architect’s fees at each stage of the design process, beginning with the measured drawings at Step 3.
  • A build budget as a rough estimate of what can be achieved within the parameters of your budget.
  • A prospective time frame indicating how the project might unfold and a suggested timeline in which to achieve it.