Create A Perfect Home Entry

Do you feel relaxed when you come home? A perfect home entry helps your family detach from work and home. It is necessary as it helps create better boundaries between home and the outside world. An entry that separates you from the outside allows you and your family to enjoy their home. Our latest video discusses some of these challenges and how to solve them!


Create A Perfect Home Entry

Hello, my name’s Jan Hogarth from PlaceMate Architects. I’m a renovation specialist architect in Brisbane. Today, I’d like to talk about one of the critical ways we create a quality living space for families using architectural design.

It has to do with how you arrive at the house so that when you are living in it, your family can feel energised, alive, and relaxed all at once. It becomes a haven for your family, allowing you to return and do whatever you do in the salt mines later.

Queenslander Style Architecture

The Queenslander was raised to achieve a quality living space, and we designed a whole new floor to add more space for the family to connect or relax. In addition, the carport is on the right-hand side of the house to allow off-street parking for the family. 

When creating a perfect home entry, we intended to help with privacy and safety, as guests and visitors only see the entry. They get a glimpse of this room, and it gives the impression that everything is ordered and calm no matter what crazy chaos is going on in the background.

Our goal with this project was to create a perfect home entry leading you to the home’s heart. Where the natural light and plant life are visible, whether, in the living room, dining, or kitchen, the connection that the entry creates helps ensure that boundaries are in place to help you and your family relax. 

Maximising space was crucial in this household. Having enough space to store the family equipment and creating easy access from the pool to the laundry was necessary for this family. 

In addition, this project was for a large family, movability throughout the house was essential for the family to live their daily routines. From school to work to weekend holidays, the entry of your home allows you to separate and relax.

The purpose of this house was to boost family connections and livelihood. The kids can have their space upstairs, and the parents can enjoy their time together in the living room. By the time they reconnect for breakfast or dinner, all of the burdens of outdoor life have a place to be, which means that you can be yourself by the time you arrive. 

To create lasting value is to add value to your arrival, so we’ve made it work to use every square centimetre of that space. It captures as much stuff as possible to give this sense of space in the main living area. 

Take Aways

So the whole point of renovating is that your home recharges your family. That’s what people want with their homes. It brings life, and you can restore your batteries. You’re in a beautiful haven off the garden, the deck, and the living room, with your friends and family around you. But to arrive at this place, guests and family need to prepare to be there and shed what’s behind them.

So, if you’re considering a home renovation and you want to talk through these details, request a site visit so that PlaceMate Architects can help make it come together in a really effortless way!

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