PlaceMate’s Top 4 Creative Designs

One of the best aspects of being an architect is the creativity you can tap into. Whether it be a challenge you must solve with a creative mindset or just a client’s request that requires thinking outside the box, Architecture is filled with creative thinking. We thought we would share some of our top 4… Read more »

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PlaceMate’s Guide to The Brisbane Home Show

  The Brisbane Spring Home Show is right around the corner and we are gearing up for a busy and exciting two days at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. As we have been to a fair few of these in our time, we thought we would give our two cents about this fantastic exhibition…. Read more »

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What is an Ashgrovian Queenslander?

  You may have heard of the term Ashgrovian Queenslander, but what makes them so special? How are they any different to classical Queenslander architecture? If you find yourself asking these questions, you have come to the right place. Whether you think you may own an Ashgrovian, or you are just intrigued, get ready for… Read more »

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What Our Architects Think About Queenslanders

At PlaceMate Architects, we love Queenslanders. They are our specialty! We’ve designed renovations to over 400 of these historic timber homes originally built from 1900 to World War Two. Found all over Brisbane, Queenslanders are defined by the Brisbane City Council as a “Character House” in a “Demolition Control Precinct”. Most Queenslanders started life above… Read more »

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