Want to build a second storey?

There are lots of great reasons to want another storey on your house. Better views. More breeze. It frees up space on the ground floor without eating into the garden. Parents can have a bit of privacy from the kids but it’s not as cheap as you think. So let’s say you want to put… Read more »

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How to choose an architect

Like any new relationship, choosing the right architect is a combination of well-matched chemistry and due diligence to reassure yourself that all boxes have been checked and ticked. Here are some ideas to get you started: Choice magazine’s check list Australian consumer advocate Choice published an excellent article in the November 2017 edition of Choice… Read more »

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So, you’re ready to renovate… Is an architect really necessary?

When what you want is obvious – say, a kitchen refit, a bathroom update and a deck out the back – the next step many people take is to start talking to builders. But what if every builder comes up with a different solution, what then? At PlaceMate, we’d say that sends a clear signal… Read more »

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Can we live at home while it is rebuilt?

Staying at home will save a lot of money on rent, the hassles of moving, or of putting up with your in-laws. It is a great way to appreciate daily construction progress and to get to know the tradesmen who are creating your new place. However…

A building site is hazardous. Even the tidiest site will have small sharp objects on the ground, power tools and climbable scaffolding. It is an unacceptable workplace, health and safety risk for your builder, should anything happen to your child. Unless you can guarantee that you can completely separate off the construction zone with its own access, don’t even consider it.

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