What Our Architects Think About Queenslanders

At PlaceMate Architects, we love Queenslanders. They are our specialty! We’ve designed renovations to over 400 of these historic timber homes originally built from 1900 to World War Two. Found all over Brisbane, Queenslanders are defined by the Brisbane City Council as a “Character House” in a “Demolition Control Precinct”. Most Queenslanders started life above… Read more »

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How Architecture Improves Liveability: A Case Study

  Here at PlaceMate Architects, we are all about the liveability of your home. Some aspects of your home can be frustrating and disruptive to daily life. This could be the boxiness of your house, or the small kitchen with no storage. So, whatever the problem, we want to help you.   A Case Study… Read more »

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How Does Renovation Make My Kitchen Bigger?

Everyone craves a bigger kitchen in their home. More bench space, two sinks, dishwasher: you name it. Here at PlaceMate Architects we know kitchens: we know the ins and outs and we know how renovation can make your kitchen bigger. Contact us now if this is something you’re interested in.   What makes a good… Read more »

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Carports and Architecture

Carports for Queenslanders When you hear “carports” what do you think of? Maybe ‘wannabe garage’ or ‘just another extension’. We are here to break the mundane mould and tell you there is a lot of architectural design and thought involved in the humble carport. Although Queenslanders follow a set of rules, all of these houses… Read more »

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