Brisbane Through the Eyes of an Architect

  Brisbane; the “big country town”. For years this city was a rural base and slipped behind the industrial grasp that held onto other capital cities of Australia. Over the years, this city has expanded like its capital counterparts. One difference that remains between Brisbane and other cities is the environment. Unlike flat-grid cities such… Read more »

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What is Mid Century Modern Architecture?

When you look up on the internet “Mid Century Modern Architecture” what do you see? You may find yourself browsing through photos of floor to ceiling glass windows, flat roofs and houses that are very low to the ground. This architecture is very US based and has come straight from the balmy grasp of Palm… Read more »

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The Cons of Queenslanders: How Architecture Can Help

We all love Queenslanders. There’s no doubt about it. Historic, timber houses have lined the streets of Brisbane and beyond for many generations. Queenslanders have blessed our streets for a hundred years or so, most being built post-war, and were specifically designed to suit Queensland’s tropical climate. The characteristics of a gorgeous Queenslander will never… Read more »

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Feeling the chill this winter? Renovate your home for the seasons

South East Queensland is renowned for its hot summers and sunny days spent at the beach. However, any local will tell you that a Brisbane winter can pack a punch. How can architecture help through all seasons? Beautiful old properties like Queenslanders are dotted throughout Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs. While conventional in structure, many… Read more »

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