Our Projects

PlaceMate architecture projects work to suit your needs.  

Welcome to PlaceMate architecture projects showcase to inspire your own renovation or building project. Traditional Queenslander houses are iconic in Brisbane, yet over the generations, there have been countless additions, add-ons, and renovations. This can often mean there is no longer a cohesive design element running through the house. PlaceMate Architects can advise you on creating new, timeless architecture to fit your lifestyle, whatever stage of homeownership you’re at. 

Once you’ve reviewed the projects below, let PlaceMate Architects help you make your dreams a reality. Our experience means we can offer unbiased advice, a valuable service in our industry. Then it’s up to you how much change and what level of detail you’d like us to undertake.  

Not quite sure what you can do with traditional and character housing renovations? Check out Brisbane’s traditional character housing design guide after viewing the projects below.