Brisbane Greenslopes Renovation and Extension (Built 2021)

Owner’s Dream

Our clients envisioned a home that seamlessly integrated contemporary living while preserving the timeless charm of their classic Queenslander. They wanted a place where their family could live comfortably and entertain with friends. Additionally, they aimed to ensure the home would be renovated strategically to sell in the future.

Site Condition

The house had some problems. For instance, the parking was tight, the laundry space was small, and the layout didn’t work well. However, it had some good parts too, like high ceilings, a nice yard and a great pool.

The family craved a better connection to their backyard, without compromising their privacy. 

Architectural Designer Solution

We fixed the problems and kept the good parts. We made sure the old and new parts of the house fit together. Additionally, we made small spaces feel bigger and connected inside and outside. Pulling the footprint of the house out, to wrap around the pool, allowed the living areas to all be enjoyed together, whilst ensuring the kitchen could maintain contact visually at all times. 


The clients invested in their landscapes and gardens to ensure they maintained privacy and significantly improved on it as they built closer to their boundaries.

We made sure the house had everything the family needed and wanted. We added parking spaces, a bigger laundry, and more storage. Moreover, we ensured there were enough bedrooms, bathrooms, and separate living areas to suit the family. Furthermore, we made the kitchen better and improved the indoor-outdoor flow. We also made sure the house was comfy and saved energy too.

Overall, we turned their house into a cosy and stylish home that met all their needs and wishes.


Project partners


Stewart Harris Constructions



Integrated Construction Approvals


Town Planners

Steffan Harries



Kelvin Crofton & Associates CE


Landscape Architecture



Interior Design & Styling

Elm Interiors



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Client & Partner Testimonials

My favourite real estate agent said “Your renovations are fabulous, I still think you have best designed kitchen“ I must say I agree with her. I do love my little place and my beautiful kitchen makes me happy every day.

Jenny Doust Ashgrove

Builders build, tradies trade, but the architect has the vision and ideas. Thanks Jan for your wonderful suggestions.

Stephen Stone Owner

PlaceMate Architects made my house into a home – my home. It’s the little things about this space that make it mine. From the display cabinet in main entrance to the pink hatch I requested in the bathroom, this space has been transformed to suit my needs. The team came up with suggestions that they presented in a way that was easy to visualise. The process was quick, the communication was clear, and their imagination was invaluable.  

Alaska Montford Owner

Best use of a steep site

PlaceMate topped the state for best use of a sloping site over $250000 at the Queensland Master Builders Association Housing & Construction Awards. The award was for the design of two contemporary townhouses built on a 500sqm site that dropped 10m from a busy road. All the bedrooms and living areas captured picturesque city views.


Best renovation $250-$500,000

PlaceMate took home the prize at the Queensland Master Builders Association Housing & Construction Awards for the best renovation between $250,000 – $500,000. The winning renovation was a 1910 cast concrete Californian bungalow-style home in Indooroopilly. The design added a new wing and unified alterations undertaken in 50s, 70s and 80s.

Recognised in The Courier-Mail

PlaceMate’s skills were recognised in The Courier-Mail for our transformation of a Shorncliffe residence originally built around 1910.

Registered with Board of Architects Queensland

Registration Number 2457

Our Client Success Team

Placemate Architects works with successful and innovative clients. Together we achieve significant and lasting transformations of cities, houses and landscapes.