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Queenslander Renovations


As Brisbane architects, Queenslander renovations are PlaceMate Architect’s bread and butter.

We’ve designed renovations to over 400 of these historic timber homes originally built from 1900 to World War Two. Found all over Brisbane, Queenslanders are defined by the Brisbane City Council as a “Character House“ in a “Demolition Control Precinct”.


Renovating Queenslander Homes

Renovating Rear Deck at The Gap

Renovating Rear Deck at The Gap


Most Queenslanders started life above the ground, raised on stumps with tin roofs, front verandahs, timber floors, weatherboard walls and timber-framed windows. But, charming as they are, original Queenslanders aren’t always compatible with indoor-outdoor living or modern family lifestyles. The decks are often narrow, low and hot; disconnected from the garden and cut off from the views. Central rooms are dark; the kitchen is usually found in a separate room out the back, and modern-day parking, storage and insulation was never part of the original picture.

Over time, many Queenslanders have been built in underneath, enlarged and extended with a variety of outcomes – good, bad and ugly. Modern-day renovation often means new plumbing and new electrics – and that’s no DIY job. That’s a job for an architect who understands Queenslander renovations, Brisbane-based, experienced and ready to bring out the best in your renovation design and build. That’s where Brisbane architects PlaceMate can help.

Brisbane’s heritage housing styles, such as our iconic Queenslander homes, come in all sizes and styles, from basic workers cottages in inner suburbs such as Paddington, to elaborate Californian bungalows in Ashgrove and large homes with Art Deco plaster ceilings in Newmarket and Sherwood.

If you are the lucky owner of a Queenslander, you are the custodian of an increasingly rare commodity, built from materials more than 100 years old. If Queenslanders were furniture they’d be antique, and if they were cars they’d be classics. If it’s time to renovate your Queenslander, it’s also time to make sure you get it right – not least because you can expect any Queenslander renovation will be scrutinised by both council and your neighbourhood.


Architectural Renovations for Queenslanders


Queenslander Renovations Brisbane

Rear Extension Of Inner Brisbane Home

As Brisbane architects, PlaceMate have lifted Queenslanders up and built in underneath. We’ve shifted living areas down to the ground. We’ve opened up verandahs and enclosed others. We’ve repaired the original house, kept the roof shape intact and added a new two-storey section out the back. We’ve restored rooms to their original form; we’ve gutted tired interiors and replaced them with modern spaces; we’ve respected period features but added contemporary style.

PlaceMate’s guiding principle is to create lasting value for our clients. That’s why we fit the home to the owner – not the other way round. We’re wary of fashion statements we know will date as quickly as the 1950s and 1970s extensions we demolish.

Because we’re Brisbane architects, PlaceMate also understands the different layers of town planning and construction that must be followed and how to ensure our designs minimize the triggers that will require a Development Application (DA) from the Brisbane City Council. We like to keep our builds and renovations stress-free. So, tell us what you want and we’ll tell you how PlaceMate’s renovation architects can help.


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