Prepare For Your Queenslander Renovation

  Ready to renovate? The first question homeowners often ask is, ‘How do you prepare for your Queenslander renovation?’ In general, depending on your individual circumstances, moving out of your home provides a much smoother renovation process for both the builder and the homeowners. There are a number of reasons for this, but at the… Read more »

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Living Area Stairwell Rosalie Queenslander Renovation
Brisbane Character Home Stay Or Sell?

Brisbane Character Home Stay Or Sell? Like many homeowners, you may have come to an inflection point. Your mind keeps rolling back around to a central burning question about your Brisbane character home: stay or sell? As your family grows and the suburb changes, the home you once fell in love with becomes less livable…. Read more »

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Queenslander Home Renovation Hamilton
Cost To Build A House in Brisbane

The Recent Rise In Home Building Costs If you are thinking of a renovation, extension, or new build in the near future, read on. We’ve asked some of Brisbane’s homebuilding experts, “How much does it cost to build a house in Brisbane this year and next?” In addition, we’ll look at how increases in Brisbane… Read more »

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A Gentle Transition From Street To Home

In the timeless series, A Pattern Language, Christopher Alexander defines what creating a gentle transition from street to home means. He explains how the experience of entering a building influences the way we feel once inside it. In architectural terms, he describes how the gentler the transition between the home and the street, the more… Read more »

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Brisbane Art Deco Building Entrance . (Photos supplied by Showhomes Design).