Our commitment

At PlaceMate we reckon a well-designed home should fit the shape of your life effortlessly without shouting capital ‘D’ for design. Like anything classic or hand-made, good design should be well-thought out, crafted to high standards and built to last. It should not only look good, it should feel as good today as it will in 20 years’ time.

PlaceMate homes and renovations apply the best principles of design to create lasting value and spaces that flow seamlessly together. It means that though colours and furnishings may change, the bones are long lasting, and your home will remain a beautiful place to live in now and always.


Make the most of what you have

We make the most of what’s special about the location of your home.We like our additions to blend in, not stick out like a bent thumb.

Work with the environment, not against it

We like to open up homes to the north-east; blend indoors with outdoors; bring in lots of light and air; create flow between rooms and select environmentally thoughtful materials.

Minimise surplus, maximise advantage

We design liveable spaces that will bend and stretch to accommodate the kind of life you’d like to live and the people you share it with.

Create the right fit for your family

Create the right fit for your family arrangement – now and in years to come. We design for blended and multi-generational families.


Wherever possible, we future-proof your ground level, so anyone can visit one living space, a bedroom and a bathroom, or you can manage at home with a bad knee.

Create design that works

We like clean lines and good proportions. We like to design rooms with a liveable mix of private and public spaces, peaceful and high traffic areas and lots of storage options of all types.

What our clients say
  • Renovating our home with the assistance of Placement and their relationship with Phil Maher Builder was essentially a stress free adventure. PlaceMate worked with us to achieve our dream home. Our home was modernised without losing the charm of a post war cottage. Our house has become a functional, open & light filled home. Which is now the central family meeting place. We even discovered that Architects, Engineers and Builders DO get on and work well together. Even though our budget was small, through the architectural skills and listening skills, PlaceMate turned our needs into the home we wanted.

    Beth & John Owners
  • Builders build, tradies trade, but the architect has the vision and ideas. Thanks Jan for your wonderful suggestions.

    Stephen Stone Owner
  • Jan, you did a fantastic job translating our unformed ideas into a classy home, fulfilling all our requirements. We are most impressed that you were able to design such a unique and spacious home on a small block and yet one that blends in with the ambience of the suburb without being ostentatious. Your choice of building materials was inspired and the design incorporating the high ceiling in the living/dining/kitchen area impresses everyone who sees it. We also appreciated your no-nonsense, straightforward, approach to the whole project. Congratulations on a great job

    Lola & Ian Binch Owners
  • Thank you. I didn’t really understand the drawings, but now the house is finished I can see that you took my ideas and suggestions and made them beautiful. Everything is perfect. Every morning I say to my husband, I love this house.

    Frank and Vilma de Silva Owners