What does a Brisbane architect do?

Brisbane bespoke design architects capturing the front aspect of the Queenslander

Brisbane bespoke design architects capturing the front aspect of the Queenslander.

What exactly is Brisbane architecture?

Do you dream of creating a home that will improve your quality of life? If you are thinking of using a Brisbane Architect, then your home is a perfect fit. Architecture responds to the homeowner’s particular tastes and requirements as well as the location of the property. The constraints are the lot size and your budget. Your architect finds the best aspect for living in the home. With 30 years of experience, we at PlaceMate Architects consider the home’s unique function and purpose. 

A Brisbane architect attracts owners wanting to keep the original heritage detail of the property while adapting the design for modern living. You’ll need an architect when you want to renovate your suburban Queenslander with care, forethought, and originality.

You won’t need an architect if you’re happy to buy off-the-shelf renovations or extensions. Just find a ready-to-build project home within your budget, that suits you, your family, and your block of land.

Aspect meets architect.

You want a well-positioned home to showcase the natural advantages of your block and inner-city location. Design architecture views the location of the property, the aspect, and the lot size. At PlaceMate Architects, we consider the original architecture and the home’s unique function and purpose.

Our process helps you make good design decisions. We don’t tell you what to do. But we will clearly explain what is possible on your site and what is not. It’s our business to create homes of lasting value that respond to your unique specifications. We design free-flowing, well-thought-out spaces. Our home designs blend seamlessly with the way you like to live now and long into the future.

Jan Hogarth, principal at PlaceMate Architects explains, “If you want a home that’s functional as well as pleasing to live in for years to come, then talk to us.” 

It will be the start of a relationship that guides you through the best principles of good design in a logical process. We assess your budget, your lifestyle, and the character of the neighbourhood. Together, we move toward designing a home uniquely shaped to fit you. 

Types of renovation

We specialise in residential property alterations (renovations) and property additions (extensions). Alterations change the interior of a house and additions make it bigger. Consider building underneath your house without raising it. Think about adding entertainment areas. Be open to opening up areas for scenic views. We can do almost anything.

PlaceMate Architects design the building, the spaces, and the finishes. We draw plans and manage the design approval process. This includes obtaining town planning and building approvals. We coordinate a team of specialist consultants. The team connects the owner with like-minded professional teams of reliable builders. We have strong ties to our extensive network of tradespeople. As a result, our clients have a relatively hassle-free time during construction.

Customised inner-city Queenslanders

One way to understand the design skillset of Brisbane architect is to think of custom cars or dress alterations. PlaceMate Architects also customise. We take the well-loved earlier house and revitalise it. This makeover reveals the home to a modern version of itself. We also redesign it to suit its origins as well as the character of the new owner. In decades to come the people who occupy the property will find it intriguing. And so will buyers! The quality of the renovations means it will sell for top dollar.

A great renovation architect is like an excellent tailor. We take the dress of your granny’s that you adore, mend the lovely, old fabric, adjust the shape to suit your body, make it more flexible, so you won’t have to wear clothes as formally as she did. Replacing the skirt, we choose a contemporary fabric that complements the original, so you can keep wearing it, and one day your child can, too.

Most of our design projects are for growing families who want to make the most of their space through new bedrooms, opening up the backyard, and renovating worn-down rooms. Two great examples of most of the work we do are the renovation of a 30-year-old much-loved St Lucia home and the million-dollar makeover in the suburb of New Farm.

There is a lot of talk about how to be environmentally sustainable in construction. There are technological fixes and devices. However, more energy is used living in the building, than was ever used to create it. It turns out that choosing solar hot water, low energy light fittings, and running air conditioning from PV cells reduces the need for extra power stations.

St Lucia – High Set 1920s Queenslander

The owners of the St Lucia property adored their home, but it was in need of some modern facilities and extra storage. Built on a steep north-facing hillside in St Lucia, the high-set 1920s Queenslander had been extended underneath in the 1980s. The bathroom and laundry had worn out, the back of the house was low and dark, and opportunities to appreciate the beautiful city views were scant.

Construction occurred in stage one, adding the new bathroom and the upper veranda onto a previous extension. Rebuilding the back of the house occurred in stage two and the kitchen was designed to have it lit up with natural sunlight. Lining the dining was hundreds of books and the interior of the spare bedroom, craft room, second bathroom, and laundry echoed the original home.

New Farm Investment Property

This New Farm property left the owners delighted after they started the renovations to capitalise on their unique investment property, originally purchased in the 1980s. After being a long-term rental property, the cottage was in need of repair and cosmetic renovation. The rear stairs were rotting and scrub turkeys were nesting in the backyard. It was originally valued at about $850,000.

Working with real estate stylist, Tracey McLeod from Presentation Sells, a local landscaper, and subcontractors who specialise in cosmetic renovation of homes for sale. The team set about repainting, repairing, and staging the house and garden. The real estate agents brilliantly held the first open home immediately after an auction for a similar home in the sought-after suburb. As a result, the property realised a significant return on investment at sale less than a month after the initial valuation.

The property sold before auction for $1.12 million, with a $360,000 net profit for the owner. 

Tumbulgum homestead

We have also completed some extraordinary transformations, including a Tumbulgum homestead, whose owners were developing a boutique distillery.      

Building and Renovating For Energy Efficiency

The house should be zoned to suit the orientation. This is where beautiful, liveable places start. The basic principles are best summarised in the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS)

What’s our superpower?

For long-term value, PlaceMate Architects turn a well-loved standard home into a classic, yet contemporary, version of itself. When adding renovations and extensions we blend the junctions so new and old complement each other. We don’t cut the old home in half and tack on the latest fashion for an interesting contrast. Ten years from now, the classic part of the home will look like a treasure. Meanwhile, the modern renovation will look dated and devalue the home.

We offer projects to accommodate the smallest budget through to those searching for the million-dollar makeover.

Jan Hogarth, the founder of PlaceMate Architects, is renowned for grasping the clients’ brief when others can’t. She understands why owners feel daunted by the renovation process. Moreover, she shares your vision for a stunning property, making her a leader in the field. Take advantage of Jan’s extensive contacts database. Take a moment to learn more about how we work.