At Step 2, PlaceMate will deliver drawings of our proposed design solution, showing the finished look you can expect. It will include enough detail for a builder to give you an estimate of their costs.

Step 2 includes delivery of the following documents:

  • Floor & roof plans
  • Elevations (side views)
  • Sections (cut through)
  • 1 or 2 artist’s impressions.

Step 2 also includes:

  • A meeting between you and your PlaceMate architect to discuss the proposed design
  • One set of changes. A second meeting to discuss the revisions
  • A list of all new doors and windows for the builder to price
  • An indicative list of basic building materials will be added to the design
  • An onsite meeting between you, your PlaceMate architect and a builder (either our recommendation or your choice) to discuss the proposed works.
  • At the conclusion of Step 2, the builder will return with an estimate. At this point, PlaceMate can also provide a fixed fee quote to complete Steps 5 to 7 (descriptions follow).

This is also the time to consider whether or not you would like to go ahead.