Building a Carport or Garage on A Queenslander Home

Hi, I’m Jan Hogarth, a residential and renovation specialist architect from PlaceMate Architects in Brisbane. Check at our latest video to learn more about adding a double lock-up car port to your home!

Carports for Queenslanders

When you hear “Building a carport or garage” what do you think of? Maybe ‘wannabe garage’ or ‘just another extension’. We are here to break the mundane mould and tell you. There is a lot of architectural design and thought involved in the humble carport. Although Queenslanders follow a set of rules, each of these houses has very different personalities. The character of these beautiful homes is unique and wonderful, adding to the charm.

A Queenslander in Newmarket is beautiful but very different from a Queenslander in Auchenflower. They have completely different personalities. This requires the architect to echo with the whole house in mind. Because of these visual differences, PlaceMate Architects pay a lot of attention to the character of the house. We feed the details through the carport.

Architectural Case Study

A recent client came to PlaceMate with an issue. Their gorgeous Queenslander had a garage area underneath the house. It was mainly used for storage. The way classic Queenslanders are built, storage will always be a bit tight. Many homeowners repurpose their garage space into a storage area because of the lack of inbuilt storage in the main living rooms. This storage decision made them park their cars on the street. On-street parking was not ideal. Having a carport was a great alternative.

PlaceMate Architects work strictly under the Brisbane City Council (BCC) rules for carports. “Double lock-up garages” are not permitted within the front setback of a house. So PlaceMate designed this carport with a roller door. It adds security and is still permitted under BCC rules.

When building any extension, PlaceMate Architects aims to echo the original house as much as possible while aligning with the owner’s dream. For this particular house, we were able to design a carport that matched and replicated the details of the existing Queenslander.

The carport is separate from the existing house and is more cost-effective. From the trim to the timber and the tin roof, the new carport blurs the lines of new and old. It fits into the character of the house like a puzzle piece. Another Queenslander that required an extension was our project in Mitchelton. The owners were after a deck in the back garden to bring the outside in. We echoed this deck with the same materials and structure as the rest of the Queenslander to match its existing personality.

Click here to learn more about BCC rules for building a carport or garage.

So there you have it—the journey from concept to dream home. Let’s chat if you’re thinking about renovating and want to ensure your vision becomes a reality. PlaceMate Architects is here to make your dream home a tangible, beautiful truth.

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