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Cost To Build A House in Brisbane

The Recent Rise In Home Building Costs If you are thinking of a renovation, extension, or new build in the near future, read on. We’ve asked some of Brisbane’s homebuilding experts, “How much does it cost to build a house in Brisbane this year and next?” In addition, we’ll look at how increases in Brisbane… Read more »

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A Gentle Transition From Street To Home

In the timeless series, A Pattern Language, Christopher Alexander defines what creating a gentle transition from street to home means. He explains how the experience of entering a building influences the way we feel once inside it. In architectural terms, he describes how the gentler the transition between the home and the street, the more… Read more »

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Brisbane Art Deco Building Entrance . (Photos supplied by Showhomes Design).
New Build And Renovation Projects Update

A Christmas Wish Twas the night before Christmas, as all through house, groaned a rumble of snoring that the walls couldn’t douse. The children stood huddled in the nook by the tree; A good foot they’d grown since their unuttered plea. “Dear Santa, this Christmas we’d like to expect, that you’ll bring us a present for… Read more »

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PlaceMate’s Top 4 Creative Designs

One of the best aspects of being an architect is the creativity you can tap into. Whether it be a challenge you must solve with a creative mindset or just a client’s request that requires thinking outside the box, Architecture is filled with creative thinking. We thought we would share some of our top 4… Read more »

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Rainbow Over New Building At Mt Gravatt