Hiring A Brisbane Renovations Architect

PlaceMate Brisbane Renovations Architect

PlaceMate Brisbane Renovations Architect


Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to renovate your family home. Now you’re about to embark on an exciting and fulfilling process. Yet once the glow of ‘renovation buzz’ wears off, where do you find yourself?  Often, homeowners find themselves at a confusing crossroads. They don’t know where to start. Without proper advice, these homeowners flounder. Hiring a Brisbane renovations architect should not be a daunting prospect.

Hiring a Brisbane renovations architect

What needs to be done? Who should do it? How much will it cost? Owners often don’t think about using a Brisbane renovations architect. Many householders don’t realise that a Brisbane architect who specialises in their type of project can answer all of their questions. You will get the fastest answers to your design and building questions.

PlaceMate Brisbane Renovations Architect

PlaceMate Brisbane Renovations Architect


When what you want is seemingly obvious – say, a kitchen refit, a bathroom update and a deck out the back – the next step some owners take is to start talking to different builders. But what if every builder you speak to comes up with a different solution? That is sending you a clear signal. Your renovation is not as clear-cut as you thought it was. It’s time to start thinking about hiring a Brisbane renovations architect.

Most homeowners only get one chance to renovate a family home. Is there value in a quick fix if the outcome is poor architecture and a difficult design? The loss of value will not only impact your home and its resale value but also your quality of life.

Ask the Brisbane Architecture & Home Renovation Specialists

It’s understandable that your household needs and priorities will change as your family grows. But that doesn’t mean you want to lock in a renovation that limits your future options. Are you prepared for a renovation that requires you to demolish your existing home and start all over again? When you don’t know where to start and don’t have all of the options explained to you, poor planning can lead to poor decision-making. In preparing for your once-in-a-lifetime renovation seek out referrals to local architects. Then ask, does their work inspire you and fall within your budget?

A long-lasting design is not a DIY project and should never have to break the bank. Multifaceted architectural design is carefully considered, planned out, and applied with painstaking care. At its best, it places people at the centre of the design process. The function of a long-lasting home renovation design is to be seamless. You will know it when you have it – you will feel it, not see it.

Small Lot Kitchen Design By PlaceMate PlaceMate Brisbane Renovations Architect

Small Lot Kitchen Design By PlaceMate PlaceMate Brisbane Renovations Architect


It’s about more than just drawing up plans. We help you make good design decisions to last your lifetime and start by listening to you. After that, we find out what you love about your home and what you don’t. Then we investigate where you like to spend most of your time. We consider how you leave and how you come home. And examine where and how your family spends time together and how you prefer to separate when you want to be apart. We ask what you need and what haven’t got. Only then do we respond with a solution. 

Hiring a Brisbane renovations architect you can trust  

With over 25 years of experience in over 1,000 Brisbane homes, PlaceMate Architects’ renovations are about creating homes that match the lifestyles of the people living in them. We open up spaces you want more of and hide away those you dislike. Our designs create storage in unexpected places and generate a lifestyle to meet your family’s immediate and long-term needs. 

Whatever’s on your wish list – that sleek modern kitchen or the new fresh pool  – the team at PlaceMate Architects has you covered. We will provide you with an opportunity for a home renovation that’s uniquely designed to fit you, your lifestyle, and the people you share it with. Request a site visit with our principal architect today!


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