Can you live at home during rebuild?

Can you live in your home during a rebuild?

Can you live in your home during a rebuild?

Live at home during rebuild, or not?

A common question for homeowners of renovation projects is can you live at home during rebuild? Staying at home will save a lot of money on rent, the hassles of moving, or putting up with your in-laws. It’s also a great way to appreciate daily construction progress and to get to know the tradespeople who are creating your new place.

However… even living through a kitchen renovation can lead the most frugal homeowner to despair!

Can you live in the garage or shed?

Generally, you cannot live on a building site. Understandably, a garage or shed without amenities is not deemed ‘habitable’. The safety of yourself and your family is the most important consideration. Can the family pets cope with construction traffic, noise, and workers coming and going while you are at work? Also, will it increase the cost of construction as the trades work around the family unit? Here are some more things you should know about your legal and property rights under Queensland law.

Living in the home while its being rebuilt

A building site is hazardous. Even the best building site will have small sharp objects on the ground, power tools, and climbable scaffolding. It is an unacceptable workplace, health, and safety risk for your builder, should anything happen to your child. Unless you can guarantee that you can completely separate the construction zone with its own access, don’t even consider it.

Here are some more things to consider when living in your home while it is being rebuilt. Learn more from the real estate website Domain, Why I’ll never live in a home I’m renovating again.

So, if you’re considering a home renovation and you want to talk through living in the home during the rebuild, request a site visit from Jan Hogarth, principal at PlaceMate Architects, who will help you make the decision effortlessly!