West End Cottage: Tackling A Third Generation Renovation
  • West End Cottage: Tackling A Third Generation Renovation

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Stafford Heights – Modern Family Home
  • Stafford Heights – Modern Family Home

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Kangaroo Point – Spacious Apartment Renovation

Living half a year on a yacht and the other half in their cramped Kangaroo Point quarters, two grey nomads decided it was time for a change. As they finished up their yacht voyages, they found themselves wanting to add some modern flair and more space to permanently settle into their apartment penthouse.

Though the view of the Brisbane River from this 12th floor penthouse was magnificent, the interiors left much to be desired. The site was cramped, dark and outdated. The kitchens and bathrooms were tired, after being worn for the past 20 years. The home was not only cramped for the couple, but was disjointed too, due to previous renovations.

The retirees also informed us that in the morning it became unbearably hot (with Brisbane temperatures you can only imagine), and also very noisy due to the winds.

From top to bottom, this apartment was completely gutted. New ceilings and floors were in place to form some sort of cohesion within the home. Granite pillars were installed to bring a freshness to the kitchen. These were paired beautifully with the modernised kitchen and timber flooring.

Fitted with two generously sized bedrooms and massive living and dining areas, space is no longer a problem. Hidden storage was installed throughout the apartment, so everything looks and feels just immaculate.

So, what about those hot mornings? Tinted, double glaze windows were installed, complete with internal blinds, meaning heat and wind are no longer issues.

This couple is enjoying their new, fresh and open home and explained to us that it is, “infinitely more enjoyable and so easy to live in.” 

  • Kangaroo Point – Spacious Apartment Renovation

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Oxley – Queenslander Cottage Renovation

Kelly and Anthony and their young family wanted a 4-bedroom inner-city family home on a very tight budget to limit debt. They needed a spacious open indoor-outdoor living area, their own room and plenty of storage. They wanted to live in the house during construction and were prepared to lend a hand.

Their tiny worker's cottage with built in verandahs was on a small lot, with very close neighbours and a sewer line across the middle of the property. The existing floor was below river flood level, and the backyard regularly flooded in heavy rain from the creek behind. Any new construction had to be 500mm higher than existing. On the plus side, it was in a quiet location, backing on to a creek, park and community garden.

New construction is much cheaper than renovation, so we built a compact two-storey pod on stilts at the back of the cottage. Cars park underneath. We created a greater sense of space by opening to the light, with privacy from the neighbours. Old and new buildings are separated (to allow light into the gap between) but linked by a family entry and steps. We kept a sightline through front to back, to create a sense of space. the original stove recess was altered to allow indirect light, but not look at the neighbours. The upper bedroom has northern light and southern views. We used the fastest, off-the-shelf construction techniques to save money. The space under the stairs doubles as a pantry. Anthony and Kelly organised the painting, kitchen, and tiling themselves. When the pod was finished, they moved in, while the builders rebuilt the bathroom and laundry. Using our connections, the project came in on time and budget.

  • Oxley – Queenslander Cottage Renovation

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