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How Kitchen Renovation Creates More Space

Everyone craves a bigger kitchen in their home. More bench space, two sinks, dishwasher: you name it. Here at PlaceMate Architects we know kitchens: we know the ins and outs and we know how a renovation can make your kitchen appear more spacious. Contact us now if this is something you’re interested in. What makes… Read more »

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How Does Renovation Make My Kitchen Bigger
Building a Carport or Garage on A Queenslander Home

Hi, I’m Jan Hogarth, a residential and renovation specialist architect from PlaceMate Architects in Brisbane. Check at our latest video to learn more about adding a double lock-up car port to your home! Carports for Queenslanders When you hear “Building a carport or garage” what do you think of? Maybe ‘wannabe garage’ or ‘just another… Read more »

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Queenslander Carport or Garage Extension
Brisbane Through the Eyes of an Architect

Brisbane Through the Eyes of an Architect Brisbane; the “big country town”. For years this city was a rural base and slipped behind the industrial grasp that held onto other capital cities of Australia. Over the years, this city has expanded like its capital counterparts. One difference that remains between Brisbane and other cities is… Read more »

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Viewing Brisbane From Your New Extension
What is Mid Century Modern Architecture?

When you look up ‘mid-century modern architecture’ on the internet, what do you see? Photos of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, flat roofs, and houses that are very low to the ground. This style of architecture hails from Palm Springs, California. So what does it look like locally? According to Dengarden, “modernism, as a global movement, actually… Read more »

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Garden Kitchen in A Mid Century Home