When you need Brisbane renovation architects

Drawings By PlaceMate Brisbane Renovation Architects

Drawings By PlaceMate Brisbane Renovation Architects

Brisbane renovation architects for home extension

So, you’re ready to build, renovate, or extend your home. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you interview experienced Brisbane renovation architects:

  • Does an off-the-shelf house design work for you, or do you need the expertise of Brisbane renovation architects? 
  • Is a bespoke design what you are looking for in your next home?
  • Do you dream of creating a home that enhances your quality of life?
  • Home extensions, lift-and-build-in-under, and other renovations can all spark building approval. The Brisbane City Council provides guidelines for homeowners considering renovations and extensions.  

If so, perhaps it’s time to talk to the Brisbane renovation architects for home extensions and renovations.

. If you want a home that’s well-positioned, that maximises the natural advantages of your location, that’s functional as well as pleasing to live in for years to come, then talk to us.

Principal architect from PlaceMate Architects Jan Hogarth explains, “Here’s the thing: you won’t need any Brisbane architects if you’re happy to buy off the shelf and you can find a ready-to-build project home within your budget, that suits you, your family, and your block of land.”

Here’s what the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) suggests:

In some circumstances, the floor plans and specifications available from project builders may not match your needs and preferences, or the aspect and shape of your land. If you require an individual design and a wider choice of fittings and inclusions, you may want to engage [a designer, architect or builder]… These specialists can provide expert design services and produce documentation which will aid the smooth passage of your plans through the approval process.

PlaceMate Architectural Drawings

PlaceMate Architectural Drawings

The process of designing your home with Brisbane renovation architects

Here’s the thing, do you want your home to stand out with affordable architecture? Do you consider resale value when choosing a home design? Or do you follow the crowd to the ordinary? The difference is stark and should be carefully considered when deciding how to proceed.

It’s the start of a conversation that, step-by-step, guides you through the best principles of bespoke design towards a home uniquely shaped to fit you, your budget, your lifestyle, and your neighbourhood.

The QBCC also describes how the bespoke design process should work:

The process of designing your home should be a partnership between you and your designer. The best results will depend on a good working relationship in which both parties clearly understand their roles and responsibilities from the beginning. For this reason, it is important that you choose a properly qualified professional with whom you feel comfortable.

“That’s what we do at PlaceMate Architects. We help you make good design decisions,” says Jan.

Is a cool and cost-efficient home what you really want instead of a cookie-cutter consultation? If you answered ‘no’, to any of these questions then consider your next move carefully.

PlaceMate Architects don’t follow the cookie-cutter template or tell you what to do. Instead, we make it our business to create homes of lasting value that real families can live in. Our designs are free-flowing, well-thought-out spaces that blend seamlessly with the way you like to live, now and long into the future.

You are building a dream home for the future of yourself and your family. If it’s a generational home you’re after, it’s got to be right! You’re already aware that cutting corners just won’t ‘cut it’. So your home has to be as unique as you are. As such, your home design has to consider more than just the site and your budget. It also has to consider the needs of the people you love.

Are you ready? Then request a site visit from our principal architect.


Click here to download the comprehensive QBCC Guide Homeowners Guide To Building and Renovation.