Brisbane Renovations Architect Market Update 2023

Brisbane renovations architects market update 2023

Brisbane renovations architects market update 2023. Photo: Shutterstock

A Christmas Wish – Brisbane renovations architect

From PlaceMate Brisbane Renovations Architect, Jan Hogarth:

Twas the night before Christmas, as all through house, groaned a rumble of snoring that the walls couldn’t douse. The children stood huddled in the nook by the tree; A good foot they’d grown since their unuttered plea.

“Dear Santa, this Christmas we’d like to expect, that you’ll bring us a present for the house we’ll erect! If a reno, extension, or new build, is needed; Tear down or build up so our dreams can be heeded; Ample indoor and outdoor that interconnects; In well-designed plans by your best architects.

The clock tickled loudly, “Time’s a’wasting right ‘ere; It’s time to get planning for the final frontier!” “Christmas future is now,” its tock did agree, “If you want to build by 2023.” 

Brisbane renovations architect designs homes

Residential new builds, extensions, and Brisbane renovations architect, Jan Hogarth, principal of PlaceMate Architects, alerts homeowners wanting to build by 2023. It is time for homeowners to start engaging designers and architects now if they want their inner-city renovation, extension, or new build completed by 2023.

“Most master builders are booked up until 2023,” said Jan, who can’t recall a time when demand for Brisbane character home renovations has been so high. CommSec reported that renovation loans hit a 19-year record high in June 2021, and demand is not abating.

This level of demand for building materials creates a knock-on effect.

“Builders and suppliers are advising long lead times and price increases in sourcing building materials,” said Jan, an experienced Brisbane renovations architect.

Premier property investor Michael Yardney also notes extremely strong demand for detached houses in Brisbane, especially in the inner and middle-ring lifestyle suburbs of Milton, Auchenflower, Newmarket, St. Lucia, Paddington, Ascot, Wilston, Tarragindi, Mt. Gravatt, and Hendra. These suburbs have delivered greater than five percent overall growth in property demand in the three months from July to September 2021.

Meanwhile, Westpac Bank has forecast Brisbane house prices to surge 20 percent between 2022 and 2023, with a likely decline in 2023. This surge in growth means finance for building projects remains strong in the coming year. 

Demand for construction is 50% higher

Inner suburban homeowners might consider selling in such a strong market but many are realising that the long-term benefit of renovating, extending, or rebuilding on their current site outweighs the short-term profit potential from selling and finding a new home in the current market.

This year has seen an explosion in demand by inner and middle ring property owners to have architectural drawings and tender documents completed before engaging a builder. Builders are working at 150% capacity. By September this year, PlaceMate architects were finalising projects 12 months in advance.

“You have to be proactive with your plans and approvals if you hope to build in 2023,” principal architect Jan Hogarth warns.

Building resources are limited and demand is strong.

Homeowners generally want to move in before Christmas. Now, more than ever, builders are busy. They are experiencing staff and materials shortages, as well as time lags and price increases for raw materials. Potential clients are experiencing long wait times for quotes.

All of this is blowing out expected construction times. In previous years, builders might start preparing a site in October, but construction usually takes place between the months of February and December. This traditional rhythm suits house construction and avoids summer wet weather. It is comforting for homeowners to know the timeframes in advance.

Builders are currently working on their final 2021 projects, but of course, with the sharp increase in demand for building, every part of the construction industry is operating at 50% higher workloads than in previous years.
This blows out time frames and demand for the services of consultants and regulators. Architects, engineers, surveyors, town planners, estimators, financial institutions, council approvals, and more, are all feeling the knock-on effect of the increased demand.

Start Planning Your New Build Or Renovation Now

This includes architectural designs that need to be started 6-months in advance so that all approvals can be completed in February 2022 for construction to start in July.

“There’s a lot to complete in the 6 months before the building starts,” says Jan, an experienced Brisbane renovations architect.
“If you wait until next year, then you may find that your project cannot start before 2023”.

‘Easy to work with’ Brisbane renovations architect’s clients

The best thing you can do to move your house project along in this climate is to be an easy client. It is the proactive and organised homeowners who are engaging the best available builders for their style of project.

Here’s how you can prepare:

1. Be prepared by discussing your ideas with your ‘significant other’ prior to meeting with the architect and listing your priorities for your project.

2. Your vision doesn’t have to be fully formed, but having agreement on the basics and an idea of the size, scope, and budget for the project is a great start to building a professional relationship.

3. Be prepared to discuss your ideas and objectives. The Brisbane renovations architect who is experienced, understands, and expands your vision, and that you feel you can work with over time, is going to be the best choice for you.

4. Bring photos and drawings of what you like to stimulate and move the discussion forward. Changing your mind mid-project is costly and time-consuming.

  1. Find an experienced architect that you like and trust.

Gift Wrapping Your 2023 Project For Busy Builders

Being prepared and organised is the best gift you can give to busy builders in the year ahead. Here are some things to know to make the most of the year ahead when preparing to renovate, extend, or rebuild your suburban Brisbane property:

1. Going to tender is a streamlined process if you want more than one builders’ quote. Using our industry networks, we can help you submit the architectural and engineering documentation for your proposed project to trusted builders for a construction price. The builders get prices from sub-trades and estimate their own work and a fee for management of the project. You then select the builder you like best for your project.

2. Expect delays. Be prepared to wait 3 to 6 months for your builder of choice. There are already long waitlists for builders who specialise in your type of home and location.

3. It can be hard to get a good builder to come out and give a quote. If a builder does come out to your property, it can take longer than expected for them to get back with a quote.

4. Building supply lines are extended out so materials are taking 1.5 times longer to source as the builders wait their turn for quotes on building supplies from their suppliers.

5. Trades are in short supply. Fewer skilled overseas workers and apprentices are available to work on building sites. This can slow project progress and blow out the builders’ schedule.

Brisbane renovations architect, “This too shall pass.”

You want to have clarity and certainty as you move forward with renovating, extending, or rebuilding your suburban Brisbane home. Make sure that you are making sound decisions as we return to pre-pandemic times.

Everyone deserves the space to grow in a home that fits their future. Take a moment to learn more about how we work. The team at Placemate looks forward to becoming the architects of a new Christmas future and helping you successfully reach the ‘other side’ of your building project in the coming years.