Queenslander Renovation Architects Guide

The Queenslander Renovation Architects Guide asks if you really need an architect for a Queenslander extension. The reason that you might need an architect is because it’s complicated. If you consider renovating your house, you might need an architect and someone to draw up plans. 


When do you need an Architect for a Queenslander Renovation?

We’ve got three projects, and all are small houses that underwent expansions to cater to their families’ increasing space requirements. Despite facing complex planning and building constraints, these homeowners were determined to achieve a high-quality outcome while staying within their budget after investing significant money. Initially, they worried about the project being excessively expensive, impossible to execute, and overly complicated. However, all three projects were completed close to the expected timeline and budget.

Transforming a Dilapidated Home into a Beautiful Cottage in Bardon

Queenslander Renovation Architects Guide – Bardon Cottage

This couple approached us after consulting a project home builder who had prepared plans, stating, “Owner to achieve town planning application.” This meant tearing down their cottage and constructing a new home. However, there was a slight snag: the property was a character house located in a character area on a small lot. Consequently, the Brisbane City Council denied their request to demolish the existing house.
The original structure, being old and small, posed further complications. Moreover, an aging sewer line was running beneath it, and the area had a history of flooding. Considering these numerous constraints, we devised a solution by designing a two-story home that involved renovating the existing cottage and extending it at the rear. Throughout this project, we paid meticulous attention to detail to ensure the quality and aesthetic integrity aligned with the original Queenslander style.
As a result, the interior seamlessly merges the old and new sections of the house, preserving the essence of a contemporary Queenslander. We echoed the floorboards throughout the home, creating a sense of continuity leading to the open floor-plan layout encompassing the kitchen, living, and dining areas. Adjacent to the kitchen bench, a strategically placed window invites soft blue lighting and offers a delightful view of the bougainvilleas, adding that quintessential Queenslander charm.
Our skilled builders from Stewart Harris Construction adeptly tackled this challenge, delivering impeccable results that left our clients delighted.

Renovating an Inner-Urban Woolloongabba Home with Constraints

Queenslander Renovation Architects Guide – Woolloongabba

Our Woolloongabba project presented an even more complex undertaking with many challenging factors and constraints. The house was situated on a small lot, backing onto a creek, and classified as a character home within a character area. As a result, several significant constraints emerged, including budget limitations and a sewer line running through the property. Consequently, we had to navigate the process of obtaining a build-over sewer application, requiring meticulous attention to the placement of new structures. Additionally, the proximity to the creek posed the constant risk of flooding, and the softness of the ground added an extra layer of complexity.
Undoubtedly, this project posed substantial challenges, yet we persevered and completed it. Our approach involved adding a new extension to the house, which provided additional living spaces, a new kitchen, and an expanded dining area. However, we consciously decided to leave the original cottage untouched, instead giving it a revitalizing facelift. To keep costs to a minimum, our clients painted the house and assembled their own kitchen. Furthermore, we streamlined our initial proposal and utilized cost-effective materials wherever possible.
Securing a builder willing to take on this project proved daunting, given the level of complexity involved. In addition, a flash flood occurred just as construction commenced, inundating the property with a meter of water in a single afternoon. However, despite the challenging nature of the site, the project ultimately proceeded smoothly, adhering to both the timeline and budget. We owe a debt of gratitude to Daniel Ray and his team at Raybuild, who demonstrated unwavering dedication and expertise, tackling every obstacle with ease.

Problem Solving & Renovating a Worker’s Cottage into a Spacious Home in St. Lucia

Queenslander Renovation Architects Guide – St. Lucia

Our third project was a cottage and pod located in St Lucia. The homeowners had resided in this house for the past two decades, and with teenage sons, the property required significant TLC. Our clients sought additional space, including a larger kitchen, living area, dining space, and an extra bedroom. As residents of the inner city, they also desired more off-street parking. Considering these requirements, we embarked on the planning and construction process for their home. However, numerous challenges awaited us, including the house’s poor condition, budgetary limitations, and the site’s steepness.
A previous architect was involved, exploring the option of raising and constructing beneath the existing structure. However, this approach introduced additional costs and restrictions, making it less viable. When we joined, we devised an alternative solution. Along the side of the property, we installed a substantial drain and built a garage underneath that seamlessly integrated with the house. A charming concrete patio was created in the backyard, complemented by sliding doors connecting the kitchen and living areas, allowing for a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. The master suite boasts a picturesque veranda with captivating views of the city. Our clients sincerely appreciated the existing cottage and wished to preserve its original charm, delighting passersby with its quaint appearance.
Throughout the project, we were fortunate to collaborate with an exceptional builder, Greg Watson of Tom Ryan Builders, and his capable team, who handled the project with utmost professionalism. As a result, although challenges inevitably arise during construction, we successfully delivered the project on time and within the agreed-upon budget without any unforeseen changes or variations.

Take Aways From Why you Need an Architect?

PlaceMate Architects takes pride in creating spaces that feel like home. From tackling harsh restrictions and unforgiving problems, we’ve transformed these tiny, inner-urban homes into spacious homes with functional rooms that suit the needs of modern families. From Bardon to St. Lucia, we’ve showcased our talent in responding to our client’s briefs and overcoming the local challenges to renovating stunning worker’s cottages and transforming them into iconic Queenslander-style homes. If you’re looking for a renovation specialist architect who can bring your vision to life, look no further than Placemate Architects.

So, if you’re considering a home renovation and you want to talk through your Queenslander renovation architects guide needs, request a site visit so that PlaceMate Architects can help make it come together in a really effortless way!

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