PlaceMate’s Top 4 Creative Designs

One of the best aspects of being an architect is the creativity you can tap into. Whether it be a challenge you must solve with a creative mindset or just a client’s request that requires thinking outside the box, Architecture is filled with creative thinking. We thought we would share some of our top 4 creative ideas from previous renovations.


1. Aesthetic, Structural Support - Hamilton

One of our favourite games is guessing,  'which is beam is the structural supporting beam'? This Hamilton home needed more structural support in the kitchen. The way we creatively overcame that challenge was to hide the supporting beam in plain sight. Structural and aesthetic? Now that’s creative!


2. Private Drying Area - Stafford Heights

As many houses often do, this home in Stafford Heights required a clothes hanging solution, but not just any run-of-the-mill washing line. This house sports a private drying area (ooooh!). The clients were all about hidden treasures. Although their house is a spectacular gem that has a magnificent view of Brisbane, they specifically asked that their home be unpretentious from the front facade. This request to be private was echoed throughout the house, even through mundane rooms like the laundry. As there is no backyard of the house, there's nowhere to successfully place a clothing line except off to the side. The drying deck functions as any drying area would, but as this deck is partially hidden, onlookers won’t be able to see the hidden gems in the private drying area (ooh la la!).


3. Secret Cellar - Mitchelton

Let’s set the scene. You have guests over and you’ve just finished the tour of your newly renovated home. The party ends up in the living room. Little do they know what is behind the paintings. A mixture of shock, horror and adoration fill the room as you open the door to your secret cellar.

This might just be our favourite creative step we have taken. A secret cellar is certainly a seller. Above are two photos of the “just your average living area” and the “actually, it’s a secret cellar. Come take a look!”


 4. Corner Doors - Upper Mt Gravatt

What goes in the corner of a room? A structural post, right? Well, that is right. But this job in Mt Gravatt defies the laws of physics. We designed this room to have two doors to act as walls and to open and close fully without the need for a post in the middle of them. This impressive detail is also one we can’t go past, as it took a lot of creative thought.   

Architecture and creativity go hand in hand. If you have a creative renovation idea, get in touch with us and we can have a chat with you about your home.