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PlaceMate works to suit your purpose not ours. We can help with any – or all – stages of your new home project. It costs nothing to take the first step to meet us. After that, you decide how much – or how little – you’d like PlaceMate to take care of. Not everything needs to be done in one go. It’s entirely up to you how many steps you’d like to take and at what level of detail. Here’s an outline of PlaceMate’s steps and their cost estimates.
Fig Tree Pocket – 1970s makeover

To enlarge the house in harmony with the land, opening it up to expansive western views – without baking in the heat. To unite home and garden with a large indoor-outdoor living room and to add a new, secure entry for visitors and family.

This magnificent, high property with lovely trees, gardens and tennis court was beautifully maintained throughout but its interior spaces were too small for family gatherings across three generations. Originally a compact 1950s Brisbane home, bitsy modifications over the years had added verandahs, rooms dug out from underneath, a free-standing garage and an architect-designed 80s extension.

Create a double height living space nestled between garage and house and marry all three structures with thoughtful openings for air, view and security, careful proportions and detailing. Create private and public courtyards through a gated entry porch, with new landscaping at both ends of the property. Add shade-cloth awnings and new handrails to transform the deck into livable space, both inside and out.

  • Fig Tree Pocket – 1970s makeover

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New Farm – Million dollar makeover

To complete a makeover-before-sale to capitalise on the return from this investment property originally bought and renovated in the 80s when the owner was a student.

Long-term rental had left this blue worker’s cottage dark, dirty and neglected. The deck and stairs were rotten and, meanwhile, scrub turkeys had moved into the back yard. A good local real estate agent valued it at $850,000.

Project management, working with a stylist, landscaper and subcontractors, repaint and repair the house and garden. The property sold before auction for $1.12m with a $360,000 net profit for the owner.

  • New Farm – Million dollar makeover

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Paddington – Purple pod

A light, airy, private pod with a view at the bottom of her garden, in harmony with her existing home and its neighbors, with the flexibility to either be rented as a yoga studio, accommodate the owner’s father or adult children and incorporating a garage that might double as a pottery studio. Budget: less than $175,000.

What was originally a corner store was now a purple residence that had been gradually extended, back and under, over decades, in a range of styles and textures. A steep south-facing slope and antiquated drainage added to the design challenge for construction, universal access and north light.

A 54-square-metre room with bathroom and kitchen that can be divided into living and sleeping zones. A north-facing skillion creates light and space. A lower deck provides a spacious outdoor living area, connects the pod to the house and provides level access to the street. Windows are carefully placed to allow views, but not outlook to or from neighboring homes. Underneath, recycled glass panels look onto massive sandstone boulder retaining walls and let in dappled light from the garden above – all completed on time and budget.

  • Paddington – Purple pod

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Camp Hill – Hamptons & extended family

A generous, functional home for their busy hard-working household of four generations, including two small children, a grandfather, great-grandmother and an adult sister with special needs. A range of indoor and outdoor spaces that would enable everyone to be together or be private, all in ‘Hamptons’ style with strong symmetry in black, white and chrome, to tie in with an existing contemporary-styled pool.

Boxy rooms and a windowless central bedroom were the legacy of an earlier extension in a Queenslander style to this post-war cottage on a regular suburban block. Elsewhere, a new roof and a north-facing pool and garden featuring a charming flowering tree were already complete.

Raise and convert the existing house into five bedrooms on the upper level. Relocate main access to the centre to strengthen formality and create a glimpse from the front door of the spaces beyond. Open the middle of the house with a stair to bring height, light and outlook to both levels of the house. Create two ground-floor bed suites for elders at the front and an open-plan living area at the back. A separate family entry incorporates a dump zone and a side utility yard provides the children with running access between pool and bathroom though the laundry.

  • Camp Hill – Hamptons & extended family

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